Archaeological Solutions

Archaeological geophysics and non-intrusive field survey

The AS team carrying out a geophysical survey in LeicestershireThe AS team carrying out a geophysical survey in Leicestershire

Archaeological Solutions are able to deliver detailed near surface geophysical surveys as a form of archaeological prospection. Current equipment comprises two Bartington dual sensor fluxgate gradiometers (Grad-601) for magnetometer surveys. Magnetometry is a rapid, versatile geophysical survey method, applicable to a range of sites and geologies. Geophysical surveys are frequently applied during the pre-planning stage of developments to gain a detailed understanding of potential sub-surface archaeological features and be used to tailor more targeted programmes of trial trenching and excavation.

In addition, AS can offer a full range of non-intrusive field survey methods including topographic surveys, earthwork surveys, monument surveys, aerial archaeological assessments, field walking and metal-detector surveys. Non-intrusive archaeology can minimise the disruption caused to your site by an archaeological evaluation by helping to target the location of intrusive investigations or rendering them unnecessary. Our field team has members who specialise in archaeological surveys.